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OLED Laptop panel market growing fast

Samsung Display is concentrating on the OLED laptop panel market, which is growing fast with laptop manufacturers increasingly adopting the technology for weight and power consumption reduction.

According to market research firm Omdia, the total market shipments were 5.58 million units last year, up 389 percent from a year ago. Samsung Display accounted for 84 percent of the total, followed by LG Display (10 percent) and BOE (5 percent). Samsung Display’s shipments increased from 0.95 million units to 4.7 million units last year.

According to the firm, the ratio of OLED laptop shipments to the total laptop shipments is likely to exceed 10 percent within five years. Given that the latter was 280.85 million units last year, this means that the former can reach 30 million units within five years.

Samsung Display’s OLED laptop panel production target for this year is nine million units. The company is planning to increase its flexible and rigid OLED panel production volumes at the same time whereas the others in the industry are producing only flexible ones. At present, rigid ones still account for more than 90 percent of the total market shipments, whereas the ratio is relatively lower in the smartphone market.

In the meantime, LG Display started its flexible OLED laptop panel supply in 2019 by supplying 13.3-inch products to Lenovo. Last year, it supplied 17-inch flexible ones to HP. The company is planning to expand its business in the laptop market mainly with that type. BOE is planning to increase its flexible OLED panel production by working more closely with Asus, Dell and Samsung Electronics. BusinessKorea

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