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Odisha student’s washing machine runs without electricity and burns calories

The very useful washing machine has been a household appliance that one just cannot do without. But now how about saving some electricity even when the clothes are looking to be cleaned? B Satyanarayana Patra, a school going kid hailing from Lanjipalli, Berhampur has devised a washing machine that can run without electricity. And what’s more, the device is unique as apart from getting clean clothes, one can also end up shed a few extra kilos while they are at it!

So how does it happen? Satya is currently a class 9 student at the Berhampur Government High School and has made this unique washing machine that runs without electricity. A large water drum is fitted to the back of a bicycle. Inside the drum, a chain is attached to the bicycle chain. As a result, the pedal on the bicycle rotates the chain and the net inside the drum. As a result, the clothes are cleaned and in turn, can also keep someone healthy. Satya’s brother and sister reportedly inspired him to build such a machine after his school asked student to build something unique for a school project.

After discussing it with his siblings, Satya finally managed to build this unique bicycle powered-washing machine. Pedalling on the bicycle for 15 to 20 minutes cleans all the clothes in the drum. Once the clothes are cleaned, contaminated water is also drained from the drum.

Satya’s family members have also used this innovative washing machine to clean their clothes. “The machine was found to be working exactly the same way as the ones we use commonly in homes that run on electricity and cost Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000, said Satya father B Purna Chandra Patra.

Satya’s school teacher Ranjita Mohapatra has also appreciated the young student’s efforts in creating something innovative.

While Satya has now become the talk of the town due to his unique invention of bicycle-powered washing machines, he also plans to build such creative things in the future. News18

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