Nobby Gupta Passes Away

Nabankur Gupta, whom we all knew as Nobby Gupta passed away. He was 70.

We all remember him from his innings at Videocon. He steered the company through thick and thin, always with a smile; patiently, deftly, and brilliantly. He developed strategies for sub-branding and multibranding in the consumer durables business for the first time in India winning him international accolades.

Nabankur Gupta joined the Raymond Group as Group President and Board member in 2000. In 2005, he relinquished the post to start his own management consultancy “Nobby Brand Architects & Strategic Marketing Consultants”. He was on the board of many companies. Besides brand architecture, he was professionalizing family businesses and mentoring their next gen.

He was a gentleman to the core. May his soul rest in peace.—TV Veopar Journal Bureau

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