Next-Gen Micro LED TVs Could Launch Sooner Than Expected

The Picosun Group has reportedly made a breakthrough in the development of Micro-LED panels. Typically used in smaller devices, there’s been a gradual move to using Micro-LED in big screens with Samsung investing heavily in the technology.

Micro-LEDs offer lower power consumption, better brightness and colour saturation, as well as good levels of reliability and they avoid the image retention that affect a small percentage of OLED panels. However, there are hurdles to navigate, especially the issue of damaging the pixels during the manufacturing process, resulting in the loss of light intensity.

Picosun appear to have found a solution through its ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) thin film coating technology. It not only appears to fix the brightness but boost it further with tests showing a 143.7% increase.

Mr. Edwin Wu, CEO of Picosun Asia Pte. Ltd, said “we are glad that our ALD solutions have enabled this impressive performance boost to their micro-LEDs. Micro-LED technology has immense potential to disrupt the solid state lighting market [OLED and LEDs] and our Asian customers, both in industries and R&D, will surely lead the forefront of this development.”

While Micro-LED TVs aren’t expected in the near future (at least on a mass scale), Samsung believes it’s a better bet than OLED with the expectation the panel’s brightness can reach 4000 nits (if not more) and potentially have a longer lifespan than OLED technology.

This breakthrough could assist in making the production of Micro-LED panels more feasible and in doing so, bring the future of TVs just that bit closer.―Trusted Reviews

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