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New e-com players not showing country of origin for all products in India

Only four in 10 consumers in India say that e-commerce platforms are displaying the country of origin information for all products, a new report revealed on Monday.

While most older, established e-commerce platforms now have the Country of Origin information for the majority of products, the same is not the case with newly-established platforms like LensKart, CityMall and Shop101, according to the survey report by community-based social media platform LocalCircles.

Post the China conflict in June 2020, the Central government gave a push to create additional awareness about ‘Make in India’ products and started enforcement of ‘Country of Origin’ information to be displayed on e-commerce sites.

The enforcement was done under the Packaged Commodity Rules Amendment, 2017 under The Department of Consumer Affairs.

However, only 42 per cent consumers found that e-commerce apps platforms to be compliant in making country of origin information available, said the report.

Nearly 28 per cent of consumers said e-commerce apps and platforms remain non-compliant while 30 per cent did not have an opinion or did not look for this information. ZeeNews

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