Mitsubishi Electric’s JP Series Introduces Mr. Slim Range Of Air Conditioners

Energy efficient, incredible performance, minimum impact on the environment, and optimal comfort are the principal ideas behind the creation of Mitsubishi Electric’s latest range of air conditioners, JP series. Embedded with High Ambient Operating Specification Series, JP series is effective even if the outside temperature reaches 50 degree Celsius and capable to run smoothly under all types of climatic conditions. To address the changing needs of the present time, the JP series offers two power module options – 3-star ACs with inverter technology and 2-star ACs with non-inverter technology. The inverter power module is based on a cutting-edge technology that minimizes power consumption by adjusting the frequency. In addition to these functional advantages, the JP series score pretty high on aesthetic parameters as it comes under the Mr. Slim New Range of Split Air Conditioners, which is slim as well as trendy.

JP series works on R32 refrigerant technology, which assures easy maintenance and better air quality, but the most striking attribute of this series is Dual Barrier Coating, which is the patented technology by Mitsubishi Electric. This technology prevents the AC from greasy dirt and helps in extracting PM2.5 floating particles to ensure fresh and healthy air in the room. Dual Barrier Coating is an advanced technology which offers two barrier coating on the inner surface and keeps the air conditioner clean round the year. The coating contains blended fluorine particles that prevent the AC from hydrophilic dirt penetration and hydrophilic particles. When dirt accumulates in the AC, it causes energy loss, and a repugnant smell emanates from the AC.

Apart from the patented dual barrier coating technology, the JP Series comes with a host of stunning features like IDU Anti-Corrosion Coating that prevents gas leakage from the bend. Also, air conditioners in JP series are armed with micro-particle catching filter for substantial and comfortable airflow. Besides, on pushing the Powerful Cool button in JP series, the room can be cooled even on the hottest days of the year. Once activated, the Powerful Cool mode continues for 15 minutes. Moreover, R-32 refrigerant technology helps to mitigate the impact of global warming.

In addition to merits mentioned above, the JP series is also equipped with the anti-mould filter and an electrostatic anti-allergy enzyme filter.―TV Veopar Journal Bureau

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