Mitsubishi Electric Develops Visualization Technology

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it has developed new technology that allows the estimated power consumption of individual home appliances to be extrapolated from the overall power consumption of each household. The new solution, the result of joint research with Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc., makes use of Mitsubishi Electric’s pioneering AI technology Maisart to estimate power consumption to a high degree of accuracy without the need to install new measuring instruments.

With this new technology, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation aims to spur the provision of new services using the power consumption data of electricity supply companies and to improve energy conservation awareness in homes. The solution has already been deployed in an energy-saving assist service under the Customer-Assisted Smarter Project that Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. commenced in July 2018.

Based on the results of recent verifications, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will continue research and development aimed at further improving the estimation accuracy of its new solution.

Smart meters that measure household electricity consumption at frequent regular intervals are becoming increasingly common. Existing smart meters only measure the overall power consumption of the whole house, but there is a growing need to know the power consumption of individual home appliances. Technically, the installation of a current sensor on the home’s power distribution board would allow the power consumption of each appliance to be monitored, but the cost of installing such sensors can be prohibitive.―AP News

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