Manufacturers Move To 8K Panel 4K Getting Extinct

As of now, the use of 4K panel is preponderant in the market but it appears that this panel is quickly losing track of the current trend. According to the upstream industry chain report, 8K TV panel manufacturing will become the focus of competition in the global LCD panel industry in 2019. At present, all screen manufacturers are focusing on this field, and some terminal manufacturers are also gearing up.

Many tablet manufacturers are stepping up their deployment in the 8K space, as 4K panels have become the standard in the TV industry. Almost all TVs above 43 inches use 4K panels, while 65-inch and 75-inch models is now the target for 8K LCD panels.

At present, Samsung, BOE, AU Optronics, Huaxing Optoelectronics, and Group Optoelectronics are all focusing on large-size LCD screens of more than 85 inches, while LG Display will remain the exclusive supplier of large-size OLED TV panels in 2019. OLED TVs panel shipments for the year are expected to reach 3.7 million units. Although the production of 8K TV panels is about to take off in 2019, due to the lack of SoC solutions, low yields and high production costs, initial shipments will be limited, which will result in the pre-sale price will not be cheap.― Gizchina

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