Manufacturers Look To 8K Sets – But Where Is The Content?

There’s disagreement over whether there will be sufficient content to be shown on the 8K TV displays currently being developed.

In a presentation to DVB World in Dublin, Bob Raikes of Display Daily explained how display manufacturers looking to provide consumers with the next upgrade opportunity were creating displays of up to 65 inches – a jump from the current 52-inch large screen format.

“8K will be everywhere because ‘pixels are free’ for LCD makers,” said Raikes.

He anticipated LG would be the lead manufacturer with interest growing from the Chinese. However, in his presentation, David Wood, consultant to EBU Technology and Innovation, said UHD-1 (4K) TV sets were easier and less expensive to make than UHDT-2 (8K) sets.

The 4K sets were proving popular with consumers, despite and apparent lack of 4K content to display on them. Raikes suggested games consoles could provide TV manufacturers with the content they need to encourage audiences.―Broadband TV News

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