Manufacturers bet on tech for new home appliances

While product manufacturers may not know exactly what consumers and homebuyers want, market research ensures they have a pretty good idea. At the moment, appliance manufacturers are betting that consumers are looking for technology features in products for their homes.

Wireless control and smart technology are the primary drivers of product development these days. Five years ago, the reasons for having smart appliances were less clear, but brands are now seeing real advantages and opportunities for creating efficiencies for families, says Wendy Treinen, director of brand and product communications at GE Appliances.

With the ability to operate and monitor appliances via a mobile device or voice assistant, users aren’t confined to a space, such as the kitchen, and can do more with their time, manufacturers say. As a result, almost all major appliance companies carry a variety of connected products in their lines.

For example, many manufacturers now offer artificial intelligence and cameras in refrigerators to track food inventory and make recipe recommendations based on the fridge’s contents, which helps with meal planning. Cameras in ovens allow users to monitor baking progress from a mobile device. And at the 2020 International Builders’ Show, GE wowed crowds with its next-generation Kitchen Hub, a smart screen attached to a vent hood, offering a front-facing camera for video chatting and a downward-facing camera that images the food as it cooks.-Pro Builder

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