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Mahesh Thakkar

“I am very upbeat for the festive season, and expect sales to increase by at least 50 percent. We do not rely only on TV brands to offer incentives; we offer freebies to our customers too.

We are able to retain our customers and have not lost them to online retailers. Our excellent after-sales support and competitive pricing have so far been able to withstand the onslaught.

Our turnover in 2020 was about Rs 15 crore, when we sold about 10 sets of the 65-inch TV segment. However, this year, with better resolution and signals being digital, we would not be surprised if it constituted bulk of our sales and we are able to sell 100 sets in the 65-inch screen size.

Brands retailed: Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Haier, Godrej, Whirlpool, Blue Star, and Mitsubishi

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