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MacBooks with OLED screens are a long way off

BOE Technology is set to produce OLED displays for Apple’s iPads and MacBooks in the future, if a new report is on the money – and these panels could have a key advantage.

This comes from Korean site The Elec(opens in new tab) which asserts that Chinese giant BOE, a big name in panel production, is set to fire up a new Gen 8.6 OLED production line in the firm’s B16 factory (in Chengdu, China), with the panels to be used in the aforementioned Apple products.

Production will reportedly kick off ‘near’ the end of 2024, with Apple expected to debut the first OLED-toting iPads in 2024, followed possibly by a MacBook in 2025 (as theorized by a prominent Apple leaker, and The Elec appears to share this sentiment).

The report notes that Apple would be using Samsung and LG’s Gen 6 OLED display production lines for the first panels in iPads, but the plan is for later products – so that would include the potential MacBook – to use Gen 8.5 lines, and also BOE’s new Gen 8.6 production line as mentioned (all of these are broadly referred to as Gen 8 lines, by the way – it’s the same tech).

The major advantage of Gen 8 panels compared to Gen 6 is better yields of OLED panels per substrate. In other words, this production method is more cost-effective.

What’s also perhaps even more interesting here is the mention that BOE is currently testing two-stack tandem OLED tech with its existing manufacturing lines. These are panels with two emission layers, rather than single-stack as seen in phones. Techradar

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