LG Unveils Smart Wine Cellar Among Its New Home Appliances

LG has unveiled a voice-controlled smart wine cellar among its new line-up of appliances that will be showcased later this week at the IFA technology show.

As part of its new line-up of smart home appliances under its LG Signature range, the Korean firm has announced a wine cellar which can store wine bottles at different temperatures.

The kitchen-based unit can hold up to 65 bottles and also supports voice recognition for opening the door and turning on the interior light.

The darkened glass on the door is in place to help reduce exposure to sunlight.

The appliance is part of a product update that also includes a new dryer which can detect the amount of laundry inside its drum and adjust the settings automatically.

A freezer which can automatically raise its drawers to eye level for easier access is also being introduced.

In addition, the company will show off a new robotic suit, which connects to the wearer’s legs and is designed to aid mobility.

The new appliances form part of LG’s product display at the IFA technology show, which begins later this week in Berlin.

The trade show, which will also feature new devices and gadgets from the likes of Sony, Samsung and Huawei, with smartphones, TVs and robotics expected among the announcements across the show. – Irish Examiner

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