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LG unveils new range of ACs, wearable purifier in India

Riding high on the success of its business in 2021, consumer electronics giant LG on Thursday unveiled a new lineup of home appliances that include a range of AI-based air conditioners (ACs), refrigerators and a wearable purifier, etc.

The 2022 lineup, which starts from Rs 15,000 and goes up to Rs 2 lakh, offers new refrigerators – InstaView door-in-door and frost-free refrigerators, AI direct drive washing machines, puricare wearable air purifier, VIRAAT AC, UV+UF water purifiers and a new range of charcoal microwaves.

“The business for LG has been good in 2021 and when we say good, that means we have logged turnover growth of more than 20 per cent,” Deepak Bansal-Vice President, Home Appliances and Air Conditioners, told IANS.

The new range of frost-free refrigerators is equipped with E-micom, which allows users to conveniently control the temperature settings without opening the door, significantly reducing the cold air loss.

With the help of various algorithms, the latest range of LG refrigerators monitors the hourly, daily and weekly data to deliver higher energy efficiency and long-lasting freshness for fruits and vegetables.

“Today we are launching over 270 models which are designed to enhance ease of use and convenience for consumers,” added Hyoung Subji-Director- Home Appliances and Air Conditioners.

The latest range of air conditioners will come with multiple in-built sensors and a superior varied speed dual rotary compressor giving optimal cooling by automatically analyzing the inputs from the sensors. Daijiworld

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