LG, Samsung Unveil New Air Conditioners In Winter

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are introducing new air conditioners, which may seem an unusual move for the middle of winter, to target the growing number of consumers interested in air purification features and artificial intelligence (AI).

“Since the fine dust issue has become a major public concern, there is growing demand for new air conditioners that have an air purification feature. Also, we have seen more consumers buy air conditioners at the beginning of the year as it is difficult to buy new air conditioners in the middle of summer,” an LG official said.

Both home appliance makers have emphasized that their products feature upgraded AI to enhance the user experience.

LG said it will begin selling 26 new LG Whisen ThinQ air conditioners.

Priced between 2.85 million won (USD 2540) and 5.75 million won (USD 5126), 24 out of 26 new products have a purifying feature to meet consumers’ growing demand.

“Of the 2018 models, there were only 15 air conditioners equipped with an air purifying feature. Due to growing consumer interest, we now have 24 new models that support the feature,” the LG official said. By using improved motors and air filters, the 2019 editions can cover rooms of up to 66.1 square meters, an increase of about 6.6 square meters compared to the 2018 models.

The biggest difference of the new Whisen ThinQ air conditioners from previous models is the updated AI assistant ThinQ, LG said.

“The new ThinQ becomes smarter as it learns about its surrounding environment and user preferences,” an LG official said.

“For instance, when a user turns on the air conditioner in the heat of the daytime, it automatically increases fan speed and delivers a voice message saying ‘I set the fan speed to high.'”

Users can turn on the Whisen ThinQ air conditioner by saying “Hi, LG, turn on the AC.” Also, the air conditioners initiate conversations with users to share information on air quality inside their home and when to replace filters.

LG equipped its air conditioners with a dual inverter compressor for improved energy efficiency. With its dual inverter compressor, users of the Whisen ThinQ need to pay about 17,000 won (USD 15) per month for electricity when using the device eight hours a day.

LG said it offers a 10-year warranty on the dual inverter compressors, which are a core component for air conditioners.

Samsung is also scheduled to start selling its latest air conditioner. The firm said it will introduce new wind-free air conditioners that offer an improved AI assistant and air purification.

Samsung’s air conditioners are famous for their exclusive “wind-free” cooling system that provides consumers with a comfortable indoor climate without the discomfort of direct cold airflow.

The new models will come with a more distinctive design so they can also work as a home decoration.—Korea Times

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