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LG Introduces Faster, Advanced Customer Service Experience With Proactive Support

Posted by LG Electronics

LG Electronics USA is introducing an industry-first portfolio of personalized customer support innovations for its smart home appliances and home entertainment products powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and designed to deliver peace of mind for LG users and enhanced customer satisfaction, along with improved product performance and longevity with proactive care.

The unprecedented offering of cutting-edge service platforms launched this year features the new AI-powered LG Proactive Customer Care for select Wi-Fi-enabled LG home appliances along with LG TelePresence and LG Remote One for appliances and TVs. All have been developed to reimagine customer service for the age of smart devices.

“Our goal is to shift the customer service paradigm from offline to online and leverage AI to create truly customer-centric service. With these new tools, consumers can expect superior, expedited service. They’ll also receive timely information and the maintenance guidance to help avoid service issues, along with tips to get the most from their LG devices,” said William Cho, president and CEO, LG Electronics North America.

Already the most-awarded appliance brand in customer satisfaction and reliability,* LG is bringing owners “added peace of mind so they can feel confident in the performance of their appliances for years to come,” Cho explained.

LG Proactive Customer Care
LG’s AI-infused customer service solution – Proactive Customer Care – is expanding on the success of a 150,000-user phased rollout begun earlier this year with plans to expand availability to more than 1 million LG home appliances in the United States in 2021.  The service leverages the company’s advanced ThinQ™ platform to provide personalized support with the potential to both pre-empt and solve issues faster than ever before.

LG Proactive Customer Care can immediately alert owners of select LG smart appliance models to potential problems before they occur, expedite repairs when they are needed, and offer useful maintenance tips to keep LG appliances performing their best. LG intends for the service’s features to expand over time. In 2019, the service:

  • Issues a welcome letter containing an installation check report to provide the user with peace of mind that their appliance has been installed correctly and is functioning properly upon initial installation.
  • Sends an alert if a system error is detected – such as decrease in refrigerator cooling performance to help reduce risk of food spoilage, reduced air flow in a dryer vent to help reduce the risk of dangerous overheating, or ‘over-sudsing’ in the washer caused by too much or the wrong detergent.
  • Provides step-by-step instructions so the user can take the necessary action to solve an issue. In some instances, simple fixes by the user deliver a quick, effective result that avoids the hassle of scheduling a service call.
  • Sends routine maintenance reminders along with detailed guidance (including video tutorials) on how to perform essential upkeep, including a tub clean cycle on a washer after 30 cycles and water filter replacements for refrigerators.
  • Detects issues that could potentially cause increases in energy usage and water consumption and provide guidance for how the users can make simple corrections to improve efficiency while saving the user money.

Owners of select Wi-Fi-enabled LG appliance models can access performance information about their device after registering and connecting their appliance via the LG ThinQ™ mobile app.

LG TelePresence
A new LG customer service enhancement called LG TelePresence launched earlier this year. The dynamic new virtual tool – for both LG appliance and home entertainment customers – is designed to help expedite the service solution. With TelePresence, LG’s expert technicians can remotely diagnose product issues via video access on any smartphone using the LG TelePresence mobile app.

Initiated by LG Service Support during a service phone call, LG users can grant customer support agents one-time video access to get a firsthand look at the issue as it is explained to accelerate the diagnosis and repair process. Equipped with the TelePresence tool, LG Customer Service can better diagnose the problem and then either explain to the user how to fix a simple issue and avoid the need for a service visit, or dispatch the right service technician and part to repair the device quickly.

LG Remote One
Another dynamic customer service platform launched this year for select LG Smart TVs, LG Remote One, can also aid in both diagnosing and resolving product setting issues with your LG TV remotely to avoid the hassle of scheduling an at-home service visit.

During a service phone call, LG Smart TV owners can grant LG customer service agents one-time, remote access to the TV Menu to check settings and make adjustments as needed. The service, which requires the TV to be connected to the internet, is available on all smart model TVs with WebOS 3.0 or higher. TVJ Bureau

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