LG Electronics Ranked 4th In U.S. Consumer Reports Product Durability Test

LG Electronics was ranked fourth among the 24 companies in the U.S. Consumer Reports reliability survey. The company placed first among the household appliance companies that sell all eight surveyed products.

According to industry sources on June 21, Consumer Reports gave LG Electronics a score of 68 points after surveying 381,000 home appliances purchased between 2008 and 2018 on frequency of breaking down during the first five years of purchasing. LG ranked fourth after the United States’ Speed ​​Queen (83 points), Germany’s Millet (75 points) and Sweden’s IKEA (70 points).

The Consumer Reports conducted the product reliability survey for the first time in keeping with the industry trend of focusing on durability.

The top three companies sold only two to four products, so LG Electronics ranked first among the companies that sell all eight evaluated products. By product, it received the highest score for the oven and the washing machine.

Seven of Samsung Electronics products were evaluated, and the company only made the 18th place with a score of 46. Its dishwasher and microwave received the lowest scores.―Business Korea

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