LG Electronics Launches AI ThinQ Speaker

LG Electronics, one of the world’s leading electronics companies, released its premium speaker powered by an artificial intelligence called “LG XBOOM AI ThinQ Speaker” (WK7) in Korea.

Crafted in collaboration with renowned British company “Meridian Audio,” the speaker delivers the best sound quality, LG said. The product also earned a “high-res audio” title from Japan Audio Society (JAS), which gives the logo to premium audio products in the global market that meet their standards of high-quality sound. Users can also set the speaker at “Clear Vocal” mode to listen to a singer’s vocals without distortion or at “Enhanced Bass” mode to intensify the bass tones.

LG’s XBOOM AI ThinQ Speaker is powered by Google Assistant and is supported in the Korean language. Users can use their voice to get music recommendations, weather information, personal schedules, translations, and alarms. They can also check and control the eight types of “LQ ThinQ” products including a washer, air conditioner, and drying machine, via voice commands. Around 10,000 smart devices that can be connected to Google Assistant are also controllable.―The DONG-A ILBO

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