LG Elec To Boost Design Capabilities With Open, Shared Workspace

South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc. has renovated a part of its research and development (R&D) campus in central Seoul into an open office with unassigned seating in hopes of stimulating product designers’ creativity by enabling freer and more collaborative work.

The country’s tech giant said on Sunday that it has remodeled a combined office area of 2,300 square meters sitting on two floors in its R&D campus in Seocho, Seoul, for workers at the design management division. The team is in charge of developing design, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of all LG products including its top-notch home appliance lineup dubbed Signature.

According to the company, the new open space is designed to promote more collaboration among workers by allowing them to choose their seats to share their thoughts and work openly and easily. Conference rooms have glass walls to boost transparency. There are also many shared spaces over the office for workers to set up meetings freelor take a rest.

An official from LG Electronics’ design division said the changed office layout would help stimulate more creativity and boost team work as they can communicate with each other whenever they want.

LG Electronics has recently adopted various strategies to nurture creativity of its R&D department. Its research and testing hub LG Science Park in Magok, western Seoul, offers incubating spaces to allow up to 10 startups to use the company’s open research labs and facilities and receive technical support and consulting.―Pulse News

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