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LG Dual Cool Inverter Air Conditioners: Smart ACs For Modern Households

It was in 2017 when LG first introduced the new Dual-Inverter Air conditioner series in the Indian market. The new AC range was engineered to cut down the running cost of air conditioners, which is an ongoing concern for Indian households. Especially in peak summers when the temperature reading easily spikes to 48 degree Celsius. Two years later, the company has further expanded the line-up by unveiling 54 new AC models with 5 & 3-star rating from the Bureau Energy Efficiency (BEE).

These ‘Made in India’ LG’s Dual-Inverter ACs are technologically upgraded and much more energy efficient versions of regular air conditioners. The new LG ACs come with high temperature cooling score of 5. Let’s find out why it makes much more sense to buy a dual-inverter AC in the year 2019.

No compromise in cooling technology

LG Dual Cool Inverter AC range works on variable tonnage technology which adjusts the cooling as per user requirement by controlling the compressor speed. This ensures low running cost of air conditioners without compromising the cooling performance. This is achieved by equipping the new ACs with a dual inverter compressor with varied speed dual rotary motor. The new advanced motor has a wider rotational frequency to ensure faster cooling, more efficiency and a drastic reduction in noise and vibration levels.

Combined with the sensor placed at the outdoor unit that continuously senses the outdoor temperature, the machinery constantly adjusts the compressor’s speed to maintain desired levels of temperature and assured savings – both power and electricity bills.

Additionally, LG Air Conditioners also save energy by limiting power consumption from 40% to 80% of normal usage. This is achieved by utilizing Active Energy Control feature that saves up to 57% energy.

Copper or no Copper?

Probably the most asked question while buying an AC is the presence of ‘Copper made coils’. Copper coils are highly preferred in air conditioners over aluminum as Copper has a heat transfer coefficient higher than aluminum. What this means is that copper is a better heat exchanger than aluminum. The new LG ACs are said to be fitted with 100% Copper coils and also feature Ocean Black Protection. It is essentially a coating applied to both indoor and outdoor unit of the ACs to provide exceptional durability for the air conditioner in typical Indian regions affected from sand, salt, industrial smoke & pollutants.

Control ACs with LG’s Smart ThinQ technology

How about controlling your AC via smartphone? The new LG ACs are also integrated with Smart ThinQ technology, which makes it possible to control and monitor AC at anytime and from anywhere with just an app on the phone. Importantly, the Smart ThinQ Wi-Fi enabled platform also allows you to receive filter cleaning notifications from time-to-time on your smartphone. Last but not least, the new AC range by LG is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. If you have a smart speaker at home, you can control the AC with just voice command.

Cooling Score of 5 and what does it mean in general

The performance of the Conventional ACs, the ones without the dual-inverter technology deteriorate over time. LG devised a cooling scale to gauge the performance of the ACs. Termed as ‘High Temperature Cooling Score’ the scale measures cooling performance of ACs at high temperature It was found that conventional ACs score less than 5 on the scale of cooling when the ambient temperature is high. As a result, power consumption is higher leading to high running cost in peak summers. LG claims to have solved the issue with the company’s Dual Cool ACs. The new AC range by LG is touted to perform much better in higher ambient temperatures as they have a cooling score of 5.

Mosquito Away technology and Micro Dust Protection

LG once unveiled a smartphone with mosquito away technology. The same can be seen in the company’s new AC range. The mosquito away technology in LG’s new ACs promises to give better protection from mosquito-borne diseases. The ACs emit ultra-sonic at a specific frequency that reduces the mosquito’s ability to sense CO2 exhaled by humans. Besides, new ACs also come fitted with Micro Dust Protection Filters that fills the air inside the room with fresh air to clean up dust and allergens. These particles lead to various respiratory problems as well as allergies.

Overall, the new AC range by LC is designed for the new age consumers as per their lifestyle and requirements. The new dual-cool inverter range combines design innovation and modern technology to reduce power consumption without comprising on cooling mechanism. The new AC range from LG is priced between Rs. 31,990 to Rs. 69,990 and can be purchased from LG retail stores and partner stores across the country.―Gizbot

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