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LG Display brings next-generation OLED solutions to SID 2021

LG Display announced that it will showcase its differentiated OLED products at the ‘SID (Society for Information Display) 2021’ exhibition to be held online.

As the world’s largest display conference, SID invites leading display companies and academia to gather under one virtual roof to present the latest technologies, products and research on the global stage.

Under the theme of ‘Lead New Opportunity with OLED Technology,’ LG Display will open its virtual showroom with three distinct zones: OLED, New Value Creation, and Automotive Display, where the company will deliver the special values and experiences made possible by its leading OLED technology.

The OLED Zone boasts the technical superiority of OLED such as the company’s 83-inch next-generation OLED TV panel. With a much improved luminous efficiency by more than 20%, the gigantic panel improves its brightness and maximizes the expression of color and contrast to produce more vivid, more natural picture quality.

The New Value Creation Zone will demonstrate OLED’s ability to create new and innovative values, through products that can only be implemented by its OLED technology, like its CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED), Bendable, Rollable and Transparent OLED panels as well as OLED On Silicon (OLEDoS) technology that has been engineered with the flourishing AR trend in mind. The OLEDoS is an innovative next-generation display made by applying OLED on top of silicon wafers used to make semiconductors, and boasts the ability to achieve ultra-high resolution and brightness despite its light weight.

The 48-inch Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED, a screen that produces sound without separate speakers, maximizes visual immersion and vivid realism to complete the perfect gaming experience for avid players. The ‘0.42-inch OLEDoS for AR’ boasts the highest resolution and brightness among all existing AR displays to provide the optimal display for a growing number of AR devices.

In the Automotive Display Zone, LG Display will exhibit an array of products that visualize the future of automotive displays with its P-OLED technology. These cutting-edge products include a 12.8-inch Rollable display and an ultra-large automotive display that combines four displays into one T-form shape. This pioneering 4-in-1 display represents the most advanced automotive display technology by maximizing the advantages of P-OLED to achieve unmatched image quality and innovative design.

Moreover, SID awarded LG Display’s 65-inch Rollable OLED TV with the Display of the Year award.

OLED technology makes paper-thin panels and various designs such as rollable concepts possible thanks to its self-emitting nature that does not require a backlight unit. Moreover, by combining OLED with ultra-thin glass able to be rolled up and down countless times without breaking despite its slimness, the 65-inch Rollable OLED TV achieves a new state-of-the-art design that can fold into an elegant base without compromising unmatched picture quality.

“We are more dedicated than ever to creating differentiated values that are only attainable through our industry-leading OLED technology. With our unrivaled research and development that drives the future of displays, we aim to steer the display market in the best possible direction as we lead OLED into the mainstream,” said Yoon Soo-young, CTO of LG Display. Printed Electronics Now

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