LG And WiSA Present Uncomplicated TV Audio Connection

WiSA LLC, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association founded by Summit Wireless Technologies and comprised of leading consumer electronics brands, announces the next step in its global collaboration with LG Electronics at the HIGH END 2019 trade show in Munich. This marks both the European launch of the WiSA Ready initiative and LG’s 2019 OLED and Nano Cell TV series equipped with this special feature. The TVs are compatible with WiSA USB Transmitters and a range of intelligent WiSA Certified speakers that deliver unparalleled sound for home theater.

WiSA Ready TVs offer easy connectivity to external wireless speakers with very low latency and, as a result, the best HiFi sound thanks to a growing number of WiSA Certified intelligent speakers. All devices work seamlessly together to wirelessly transmit multichannel audio signals and deliver authentic concert quality sound that enhances enjoyment of movies, videos, music, gaming or sporting events. Unlike traditional wired audio systems, setup is straightforward and takes just minutes, even with more complex 5.1 and 7.1 configurations.

“Audio is a critical component for enjoying fantastic TV and movie content and enjoying our great display technology in gaming or esports,” said Andreas Urbach, Head of Product Marketing Home Entertainment at LG Electronics. “Thanks to WiSA Ready, we’re able to offer consumers powerful home entertainment sound that doesn’t require cables. Together, we’re setting the standard for display technology and audio experience.”

Several WiSA members are supporting LG’s collaboration with new WiSA Certified speakers that will be unveiled at HIGH END 2019 and launched in Europe later this year. These include Klipsch’s Reference Wireless Speakers, Electrocompaniet’s EC Living Wireless Lifestyle Series, System Audio’s Silverback Wireless Speakers, Platinum’s Monaco 5.1 Wireless Home Entertainment System, and several Harman Citation Home Audio speakers. In addition, WiSA member Axiim has already launched the Axiim Link, a USB transmitter that connects to any WiSA Ready audio source such as TVs, game consoles or PCs and connects quickly to all WiSA Certified speakers.

“We are delighted that WiSA members are attending HIGH END in Munich this week to show how our technology is driving the next generation of premium sound for smart devices and home entertainment systems,” said Tony Ostrom, president of WiSA. “With the success of the new WiSA Ready platform, WiSA bandwidth continues to grow rapidly along with leading consumer electronics companies. The WiSA brand can thus become the new standard for wireless audio—a standard that stands for quality and trust.”

The WiSA Ready platform made international headlines for the first time when the Association announced its global collaboration with LG Electronics at CES 2019.―Business Wire

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