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Lenovo will double R&D in India in three years; export Motorola phones from Noida plant

Lenovo is doubling its R&D investments over the next three years to ensure the devices manufacturer rolls out products that adapt to the requirements of the New Normal, where cloud-enabled digital services and solutions are being delivered over electronic devices, Amar Babu, President of Lenovo-APAC, said in a virtual India-focused tech conference.

An official speaking at the conference also said the company shipped out 6 million devices last year, most of which were manufactured locally at its own plant and those rolled out of factories run with partnership firms. Shailendra Katyal, India MD Lenovo, said there was a manufacturing surge commensurate with the digital transformation in the post-pandemic world. The company has begun exporting the Motorola brand phones from its Noida, Uttar Pradesh plant to select countries.

In August last year, Lenovo said it was expanding its manufacturing to include a third line to its Puducherry plant and began local manufacturing of its tablets from its plant in partnership with Wingtech in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

Talking about the broader vision behind the increase in the R&D investments, Babu said front-end devices like phones and computers collect reams of data that can be stored in the hybrid cloud today, courtesy the skyrocketing adoption of digital services. With a plethora of tools available on the Internet, enabled by Artificial Intelligence, analyzing information real time is a necessity in today’s world, he said. “We realize today that it’s not about just devices. It’s about how we bring a range of solutions and services by tying these devices together…” Babu said it’s the endeavor of Lenovo to bring this “pocket-to-cloud” architecture, which will serve the unique needs of the Indian market.

Babu said the digitization drive is accentuated in parallel in technological growth in Artificial Intelligence, where software is leading from the front in building efficiencies to legacy systems. Babu said Lenovo will strive to unlock value from these developments. FinnoExpert

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