LCD Monitor Panel Prices To Stop Falling

Prices of LCD monitor panels are likely to stop falling soon as more flat panel makers are shifting more capacities of their 6G-8.5G fabs to the production of TV applications whose prices are starting to rise, according to industry sources.

With the exception of 23.6-inch monitor panels, the price falls for monitor panels below 23.8-inch have begun to slow recently, with open cell models almost standing flat, said the sources.

Prices of 21.5-inch monitor LCMs fell US$0.50 to US$40.70 in March and are likely to edge down another US$0.20 to US$40.50 in April, as 21.5-inch open cells will stay flat at US$27 during the period, according to Sigmaintell Consulting.

Shipments of 23.8-inch monitor panels will surpass those of 21.5-inch models in 2019, Sigmaintell said, adding that quotes for 23.8-inch models slid US$0.50 to US$52.50 in March and are expected to dip another US$0.40 in April. Prices of 23.8-inch open cells will also stay flat at US$37.30 in April.

Due to overall supply, prices of 27-inch IPS FHD modules will drop another US$0.70 to NT$77.70 in April.

The price reductions of notebook panels will also ease in April due to slack demand, with their average prices to fall US$0.20-0.30 per unit, narrowing from US$0.30-0.40 in the prior month.

With regard to TV panels, quotes for 32-in to 43-inch panel sizes are forecast to edge up US$1-2 on average in April, while those for 49/50- to 55-inch will stay flat in the month.

Prices of 65-inch TV panels will drop a at smaller rate of US$2 to US$209 in April following a reduction of US$4 a month earlier, Sigmaintell said.―Digitimes

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