KPMG Makes Bid To Revive Videocon

Videocon’s resolution professional, KPMG, with an intention to help Videocon in regaining its consumer electronics market share in India, has taken a bold step by handing over its all-India after sales service to “247around”, a digital post-purchase home appliance servicing platform.

Noida-based “247around will “provide services such as installations, repair, returns-validation, maintenance contracts, and warranty thereby ensuring seamless customer experience. It will enable Videocon’s customers to perform self-diagnostics, decipher issues, and estimate prices much before the engineer arrives at home,” said a release.

Videocon Industries is now back into the process of manufacturing, sale, and distribution of consumer goods. The company recently launched artificial intelligence (AI) enabled smart television. “They recently launched India’s latest AI-enabled television, which is the flagship product of the season. Powered by Sensy Technology, the television provides a superior viewing experience and takes care of a family’s diverse tech needs. However, to help the users adapt to and accept this new generation of smart TVs comfortably, they need assistance that is easily accessible,” the release said.

The 4 decades old Videocon has 17 manufacturing sites in India and plants in mainland China, Poland, Italy, and Mexico.―Deccan Chronicle

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