KENT Launches Ace Star: A New Product In Its Range Of Smart RO Water Purifier

KENT, India’s leading brand for water purifiers, vacuum cleaners and other home appliances, takes the RO water purifier market by storm yet again – this time, with the launch of its best-in-class KENT Ace Star RO Water Purifier.

KENT has established itself as a reputed brand in the RO water purifier market. It has been offering a wide variety of products from many decades and has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to RO water purifier technology. With the launch of KENT Ace Star RO Water Purifier, the brand has reclaimed the number 1 position in the Advanced RO water purifier segment.

With a sleek design and an aesthetic look, this purifier is sure to enhance the interiors of any kitchen. It offers safe and clean drinking water that is retained in storage tank in a germ-free manner. It is best suited for Indian homes as well as offices. KENT Ace Star is designed to purify brackish, tap as well as corporation water, which is generally full of impurities.

At the launch event of this state-of-the-art RO water purifier, a senior product manager chatted up with the media and explained – ‘KENT has always been at the forefront of RO water purifier designing and manufacturing. With the launch of KENT Ace Star, the versatility of KENT products has taken a new meaning altogether. It is designed keeping the urban population in mind who are witnessing increasing impurity in drinking water supplied from various sources. KENT has launched Ace Star with the sole objective to make pure drinking water available to all such urbanites.

‘Besides water purifiers, KENT offers a wide range of home appliances, including vacuum cleaners, water softeners, air purifiers etc. All these appliances are designed keeping in mind the changing expectations of consumers. As the elements surrounding a modern household are evolving with time, the products offered by KENT are keeping pace with these modified requirements. As part of the KENT Ace Star launch briefings, the senior product manager further stated – ‘KENT has retained its market leadership position by becoming an inseparable part of every modern household.

At KENT, we believe in visualising a future product idea from the consumer point of view. This is the primary reason why we are able to ensure 100% satisfaction from all our customers’.Prospective water purifier buyers interested in buying KENT Ace Star RO water purifier can place their orders on the official shopping website of KENT.―Menafn

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