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Kanhaiya Lal

China has introduced a plethora of cost-effective and technologically advanced products into the market, resulting in massive supply and price reduction. When a consumer hits a store, there is comparison within the brands and its prices, and when he comes to the conclusion that a lesser-known brand can offer the same product, similar technology, and same warranty in a lesser price, he prefers to buy it. Also the consumer is very well acquainted that the product will not last more than a decade in terms of technology when new innovations will spring up. So he opts for an affordable product. The government’s Make in India initiative seems to be not so ingenious after all. Most of the parts, board components, etc., continue to be imported from China and assembled in India .The government is not in a position to provide for better infrastructure and policies for in-house manufacturing, as it claims under the Make in India initiative. As a result, our future generations are going to suffer. Certain brands retain the raw materials and technologies so that the run-of-the-mill vendors and consumers are forced to buy ancillary products and service parts of their brand only. The technology advancements and price are definitely the two most important considerations for consumers while making a decision to buy.

Brands retailed: Sony, Samsung, Crown (Vestel), and Videocon

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