iPhone 12 mostly made with Korean parts

Korean-made parts account for the biggest proportion of components in Apple’s new iPhone 12 that was unveiled last month.

They include OLED screens and memory chips.

Japan’s Nikkei daily reported last week that a Japanese tech company disassembled an iPhone 12 and found that Korean parts dominate with 27.2 percent of parts, up from nine percent on the iPhone 11. U.S.-made parts account for 25.6 percent and Japanese parts for 13.2 percent.

The newspaper said displays are the main reason for the increased proportion of Korean parts. All of the iPhone 12 series is equipped with Korean OLED screens.

Apple is expected to produce 80 million iPhone 12s, and 60-62 million will have OLED panels from Samsung Display and the rest from LG Display.

Apple used LCD panels until the iPhone 11, which were supplied by Japan Display. OLED panels were first developed by Japan’s Sony and Pioneer, but they have lost out to their Korean rivals.

An OLED panel for the iPhone 12 costs around US$70, accounting for 19 percent of the $373 cost of manufacture.

Samsung and SK Hynix also supply high-priced flash memory and DRAM chips, while Japanese companies supply other, cheaper parts.-The Chosunilbo Business

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