IoT India 2018 All Set To Help Transform India’s IoT Ecosystem

A part of IoT Asia series, IoT India 2018 is scheduled to take place from 4 to 5 December, 2018. The event has been specially curated for the Indian smart manufacturing industry, with a focus on transforming India’s IoT Ecosystem.

IoT Asia is a pure business platform that creates knowledge sharing and collaborative opportunities for IoT professionals. It connects technology solution providers, end-users, enablers, and potential IoT technology adopters from online space to offline.

Running on its success, IoT India is its inaugural edition that has been curated for the Indian IoT ecosystem. The event will feature over 500 IoT products and various solutions from over 30 profiles in robotics, industrial IoT, cyber security, data analytics, design applications and support services.

Technology is causing disruptions in the classical models of commerce. India represents one of the biggest markets in the world. IoT India 2018 aims to explore emerging manufacturing practices, automation, upcoming technologies, and impact of industry 4.0 in the context of Indian market.

It will bring some fresh insights through experiences built in the real-world scenarios. It will further discuss pressing issues that require industry-wide efforts.

The event will see the gathering of thought leaders to decode transformation of IoT in Asia and share ideas and knowledge to help grow India’s IoT ecosystem.

Why visit IoT India 2018?

To gain fresh insights from real-world experiences and dive deep into pressing industry issues and their solutions.

Wide variety of products and services from its focus sectors, 100+ exhibitors from various countries/regions will provide attendees with a wide variety of IoT products to source from.

A launch pad for new companies to introduce their new products or technologies to the Asian and world market.

Gain new ideas and knowledge through expert speakers and implement it in your business.

Huge networking opportunities with trade attendees from across the world.― Wire19

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