Intel-AMD Rivalry Intensifying

Intel may have eased its CPU shortages, but competition from its arch rival AMD is intensifying. Both vendors are set to unveil new top-of-the-line desktop processors in October in a new round of battle between the chip vendors. Meanwhile, the global economy is being complicated by the fresh trade war between Japan and South Korea although the one between the US and China seems to be easing. Taiwan’s semiconductor backend service providers now expect orders from Huawei to return to normal soon. But Japan’s tighter control of semiconductor materials exports to South Korea is sending memory module makers mulling price hikes in anticipation of tight supply of NAND flash and DRAM.

Intel, AMD to roll out top-end desktop CPUs in October: Intel and AMD are both set to roll out their new top-end desktop processors in October, triggering competition between them in the DIY market segment, according to sources at motherboard makers.

Taiwan backend houses to see Huawei orders pick up: Taiwan-based backend houses and COF substrate suppliers will see orders from Huawei pick up in July or August, according to industry sources.

Memory modules makers mulling 10-15% hike on SSD prices: Taiwan memory modules makers including Adata Technology, Phison Electronics and Team Group are mulling a 10-15% hike in SSD prices and enforcing a limited-supply policy amid growing expectations that both NAND flash and DRAM chip prices may rebound in the short term, according to industry sources.―Digitimes

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