Innolux Expanding TV Production Capacity In Taiwan

Flat panel maker Innolux has said that it has set up a new TV assembly line in Taiwan aiming to help clients mitigate the impact of rising US tariffs on Chinese imports, according to company president James Yang.

The new assembly line has a production capacity of 60,000 TVs a month with volume shipments to kick off in June, Yang said, adding that the plant’s capacity could be ramp up to 200,000 units or even higher.

The company expects its TV shipments to increase to six million units in 2019 compared to 1.8 million units shipped a year earlier. The company resumed its TV assembly business in 2017.

Meanwhile, company chairman Jim Hung said that Innolux has mapped a three-year strategy to improve its manufacturing technology and maintain its competitiveness, as the global display industry is currently in the midst of a headwind.

The major task for 2019 is to further consolidate the company’s manufacturing capacity so as to keep its production cost steady, ramp up the production of IPS and LTPS panels, and some key components in-house, Hung said.

As to the production of key components, Innolux has COF (chip on film) substrates built using related technologies developed in house, making it the world’s first flat panel maker that is able to produce such substrates, according to company CTO and executive vice president Chin-Lung Ting.

Having received clients’ verification, the company kicked off the volume production of COF substrates for notebook and monitor applications in May, Ting revealed, adding that its COF manufacturing technologies have obtained patent rights in the US and China.―Digitimes

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