Indian Water Purifiers Market To Witness Substantial Uptake

The Indian water purifiers market is expected to clock a CAGR of 15.4 percent during 2019-to-2024. The vendor landscape is characterized by a high degree of competition in the regional market on account of several small and medium-scale sized companies foraying to tap into unmet needs. Top players focus on offering cost-effective water purifier equipment and are relying on better after-sales services to gain a better foothold in India. The Indian market is projected to reach a worth of USD 4.1 billion by 2024 end.

Among various technologies used in water purifiers, the reverse osmosis (RO) holds a major share of the growth in the segment is propelled by rising attractiveness of the technology among consumers. Apart from this, UV water purifier technology is also expected to garner substantial steam. Among the various end users, water purifiers are expected to witness substantial uptake among commercial and household segments. In particular, household segments are anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 15.5 percent. The vast uptake is on account of rising demand for pure drinking water.

In households, water purifiers that are cost-effective due to easy maintenance have gathered large steam across households, especially in rural areas. The advent of innovative campaigns, including digital marketing strategies, has imparted a large momentum to the expansion of the market.

The rapidly growing number of retail centers and franchises across the nation is a crucial factor offering robust impetus to the growth too. Demand for water purifier technologies also witnessed a big thrust from various government initiatives to ensure clean potable water to its citizens across the nation. Efforts by water purifier equipment manufacturers to fuel awareness about the effectiveness of water purification technology are boosting the market. The need for designing water purifier technology for region-specific water types for the removal of the total dissolved salts (TDS) is an unmet one for equipment manufacturers for consumers across the nation. This might open new windows of opportunity in the coming years.―TV Veopar Journal Bureau

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