India Water Purifiers Market Is Expected To Grow Over 11.5 Percent CAGR

According to recently published report by BlueWeave Consulting, The India Water Purifiers Market is projected to grow over a CAGR of 11.5% in terms of value during the forecasted period, 2018-2025. The Northern region accounted for maximum share in terms of revenue to the India water purifier market in 2018.

India Water Purifier market is expected to grow with a significant growth rate during the forecast period owing to increasing health concerns and consumer awareness about the importance of clean water, expanding middle-class population and high concentration of fluoride and arsenic in water. The disposal of industrial waste in rivers has increased the occurrence of water-borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, and jaundice due to which over thousands of people die annually. According to the recent report published by the World Bank, over 75% of the communicable diseases in India are water related.

Social and environmental pressures result in growing movement for industries to reduce its wastewater and treat it before discharge. The rapid growth of population, land usage, rising economic activities, and climate change are augmenting pressures on the quantity and quality of water resources, deteriorating quality of water. Clean drinking water is the most essential part of a healthy lifestyle but the current condition has made it impossible to get pure water from the available sources owing to this reason, the market is experiencing an unprecedented demand of water purifiers market over the forecast period. The water purifier market in India is dominated by Reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers due to high TDS (total dissolved solid) level of water across the majority of the states coupled with strong purification capability of RO technology for high TDS water purification.―Honest Version

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