India Gets Its First Led Cinema Screen From Samsung At Delhi PVR

Marking a shift from theatre projection systems to LED screens, India got its first LED cinema screen today with the launch of Samsung Cinema LED Onyx at PVR in New Delhi. Boasting of a high dynamic range (HDR) picture quality and an infinite contrast ratio, the Samsung LED screen makes watching 3D movies more realistic through enhanced brightness and consistent color amplification.

“India is a film-loving country. Our movies are full of vibrant colors and rich music. Onyx Cinema LED will be the true solution for such content and we believe this technology will be a ‘blockbuster’ in the film industry. It is going to revolutionize the movie viewing experience,” said Puneet Sethi, vice-president, consumer electronics enterprise business, Samsung India.

The new technology was unveiled last year by Samsung after which the company now plans to roll out the LED screens in different cities of India in association with two leading multiplex chains — PVR and Inox.

PVR’s joint managing director Sanjeev Kumar Bijli said with its property at Vasant Kunj, PVR has become the first cinema exhibition chain in the country to introduce this disruptive theatre technology for Indian movie-goers.

5 things to know about the new LED cinema screen from Samsung:

  1. The first HDR and DCI Certified 4K LED technology aims to amplify audiences’ experience with its futuristic features — Onyx View, Onyx 3D and Onyx Sound. The display system works with any venue configuration without compromising on visual quality. It claims to be a superior technology than traditional projectors.
  2. The 3D Onyx Cinema LED screen ensures that you can see even minor visual details with unprecedented clarity, making it easier to read subtitles even with your 3D glasses unlike the existing movie theatre projection system.
  3. The screen delivers high dynamic range (HDR) to the cinema, showcasing on-screen content at peak brightness level – nearly 10 times greater than that offered by standard cinema projectors (146 fL versus 14 fL). The display delivers improved uniformity, free of optical distortion and interference.
  4. The screen maintains its advanced presentation capabilities in ambient lighting conditions, regardless of the featured on-screen content. It also accommodates users who wish to utilize their theatres for corporate events, concerts and sports event viewing, and gaming competitions.
  5. For the sound system, the LED screen comes with state-of-the-art Onyx surround sound experience from JBL by Harman International and Samsung’s Audio Lab. Samsung says the technology expands the audio sweet spot while ensuring that all attendees can enjoy the same experience regardless of seat location within the theater. – Livemint
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