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India Beckons To Experience The Next Gen Smart Home Entertainment

The television Industry is fast adapting to the changing dynamics in the age of digital. It is astonishing the way the television industry has evolved with the smart 24×7 entertainment that 21st century has to offer. Consumers across the globe have access to the latest developments and innovations in the market regarding home entertainment. Forced to adapt to changing media platforms the struggle for survival so far has been inspirational. In Indian context, the market is ripe with possibilities fairly translated to a staggering ₹1227.34 billion in the financial year 2022.

The industry is embracing the challenge to compete by bringing next-gen technology with a superior user experience to the household consumer on various platforms. Smart TVs, VR, and 3D enabled along with the 4K resolution the progress is happening at a lightning pace and it would be really ignorance if the industry does not prepare in advance to stay ahead. The smart TV revolution is extraordinary as it offers a platform that blends with lifestyle and entertainment together. For instance, consider Netflix and social media. One can have access to everything with the remote. Moreover, one can decide what to watch and when to watch with features like pausing the live telecast or recording the features to be replayed later.

The challenges are there for everyone to see. Alternatives like gaming and entertainment access on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones are some sterner ones. A research by Ericsson Consumer lab suggests that about half of TV/video content by the year 2020 is tipped to be accessed on mobiles. Profitability dictates the verdict here as more and consumer demand to watch the content they like irrespective of their geographic location or even time. This includes a growth in the number of entertainment platforms accessed with mobiles even at workplaces.

But like in any other industry one has to adopt a nimble and customer-centric approach to lead the way. However, one cannot downplay the value of family time entertainment together in the living room with a movie or a feel of the stadium while supporting the favorite team with friends under one roof. Indians have been enjoying television as a source of entertainment for so many decades. The technological advancements like DTH, IPTV, and Digitization have led to the proliferation of television in India. It is interesting to notice that the number of employees working for the industry has grown from 145,000 in 2013 to around 280,000 in 2017. And the year 2018 marked the customer viewership with a milestone crossing 197 million. The subscription model is bound to reach a mind-boggling value in the revenue of ₹771 billion by 2021

Noble adopted an aggressive strategy to position themselves. The astute understanding of the Indian market reveals that the majority of the brands that wish to do well in the nation must focus on the affordability factor and the quality. The aspirations and demand of a modern Indian consumer are second to none especially as far as the home entertainment is concerned. Currently, the company has sold 150,000 units across India with a value of ₹90 crore, building a steady hold. And in the coming year, Noble is targeting to reach 300,000 units with a value in ₹200 crore approximately in 2019.

Noble has a diverse range of smart LED TVs with ultra HD projection and henceforth covering up a majority of the market. The range comes in 32-inch, 40-inch, 41-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch with incredible visual clarity and real-life colors that lets one conveniently escape to the world of virtual entertainment. Built-in features like digital noise reduction, screen mirroring, and a power-packed ARM Cortex A7 Quad Core Processor 1 GHz processors adds to the overall appeal to the range of products.

Noble lets the customers indulge in experiencing true colors, rich and intense details with its exclusive range of full HD smart TVs. The advanced real-life projection, surround sound and enhanced live action imaging gives superior finesse, delivering an overall soothing experience.

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