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Imagining a better lifestyle with smart homes in post COVID era

While the world continues to live under the cloud of uncertainties because of the COVID-19 outbreak, its impact on everyone’s psychology and behavior is unimaginable. The pandemic is not only creating a major impact on the global economy, it is helping to accelerate the development and commercialization of several emerging technologies that previously received lukewarm consumer response. This is especially true for innovations that reduce human-to-human contact, automate processes, and increase productivity amid social distancing.

Simple, yet most effective, protective measures against the novel coronavirus such as social distancing and regular hand-washing, along with protecting us from the spread are also shifting our behavior slowly. Everyone is trying to cut down contact with strangers or with items/exposed surfaces that are touched by several people to avoid the possibility of catching the infection. There are few items like switches and remote controls that everyone ends up touching multiple times in a day.

A technology that can help eliminate the need of touching such items is IoT. It can help prevent diseases like COVID-19 by eliminating the need to touch items to operate them in various scenarios, be it at home or at workplace. This behavior change in today’s infection-conscious consumers is leading India on the cusp of a digital revolution with high-tech appliances, the internet and smartphones being accessible to the masses throughout cities, small towns, and even villages. A significant alteration that is going to change the game for the consumer appliances industry is that in the post-COVID world, consumers will be spending a majority of their time being confined to their homes. This means that consumers will constantly be on a look out to enhance their living style with smarter appliances.

The availability and rising affordability of a wide range of high technology products have given rise to a new sort of consumer, a more tech-savvy prospective buyer, who wants to communicate with their smart homes, languish in the comfort, luxury and security that it offers. We will see consumers opting for larger refrigerators, fully automatic washing machines, air-purifiers, smart ACs, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners. With these new inventions focused upon uplifting the standard of living, consumers now have an access to a new world with tailor-made customized smart products according to their lifestyle and preferences.

The home appliances industry has ushered in an era of IoT and new technologies, where customers are looking for products that provide a connected and a holistic new-age experience. Haier is committed toward delivering products that seamlessly align its motto of Inspired Living and adds convenience to the everyday lives of users. Connectivity is gaining a lot of economic traction in industrial applications and smart home solutions are adding to the comfort and convenience of consumers. To automate one’s home with these latest developments, it is significant to consider the different types of smart home ecosystems and devices for a seamless experience. Understanding the different needs of consumers, Haier each year delivers top-notch technology and innovations that enhance consumer experience to an all-new level.

The company’s smart home solution store caters to four most important physical spaces – smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bathroom, and smart bedroom. These aspects manifest a smart life as a whole set of solutions that can communicate with each other and actively serve consumers.

To kick-start 2020, the company ushered in next-generation living by unveiling its revolutionary smart home experiences ecosystem across categories. From Wi-Fi-enabled dual drum super silent washing machine and air conditioners (knitted with impressive voice assistance) to Google Certified bezel-less smart LED TVs and interactive connected refrigerator, Haier showcased its innovation prowess for the next-generations consumers. Keeping in mind the recent disruptions, it can be concluded that smart home technologies are here to stay, and their focus will continue to be convenience and efficiency.

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