IFA 2018: How Smart Kitchen Appliances Are Cooking Up A Storm

Smart home appliances continued to be a key focus at IFA 2018, the world’s leading exhibition for electronics products and home appliances, which closed on September 5 in Berlin. The Smart Home section saw 70 exhibitors from worldwide show off their latest innovations for the connected home. This year, the focus of smart home seems to have shifted from the living home to the kitchen, with several major brands launching innovations.

LG of Korea took the opportunity to introduce the latest products from its LG Signature premium collection. These include a new bottom-mounted freezer-refrigerator which can raise the drawer to the eye level so that the user doesn’t need to bend over to reach the contents. The refrigerator has a proximity sensor for opening its door, which is especially useful when one’s arms are full of groceries. It also has a “knock-on-door” function: when the user knocks twice on the tinted glass panel, the interior illuminates so that the user can see what’s inside.

Also from the LG Signature collection is a wine cellar which keeps wines at three different temperatures to suit their style. For example, the red, white and Champagne can be stored at the right temperature for the user’s enjoyment. Storing up to 65 bottles within its sleek metal frame, the wine cellar’s drawer refrigerator allows easy access at the touch of a button. With Wi-fi and voice recognition technology, the user can also use voice commands to open the door, turn on the interior light to have a better view inside, or ask how much wine is left in the cellar. Like the bottom-mounted freezer refrigerator, it also features a knock-on-door function.

The Korean company also unveiled a joint solution for the smart kitchen in collaboration with Google and Innit. Utilizing the features of LG’s smart display, Google’s voice-enabled technology and Innit’s smart platform, the solution offers users the benefits of hands-free control, step-by-step guided cooking and automated expert cook programs.

Miele of Germany launched the new G7000 dishwasher which dispenses the right amount of detergent automatically, and which can hold enough detergent for one month’s use. Featuring the AutoDos automatic dispensing system and the PowerDisk detergent container, the dishwasher releases a predefined amount of detergent automatically during a 360-degree program cycle. The detergent container can hold detergent for 20 cycles, which is enough for one month’s typical domestic use. Connected via Wi-fi, the dishwasher can be controlled via a mobile phone.

The company also launched a new countertop coffee machine with three on-board coffee blends. The new CM7750 model allows the user to select from three different types of bean at the touch of a button. Its new stainless-steel conical grinder works quietly without leaving any residue behind. The coffee machine has a self-descaling function, and uses sensors to automatically adjust the height of the spout to the size of the cup, glass or mug.

Grundig, also from Germany, announced a range of new products and technologies not only to meet the needs of consumers but also contribute to a more sustainable future. The company’s new washer-dryer tub and Zio+ vacuum cleaner are both made from recycled materials. The company has also developed a new microfiber filtering technology for use in its washing machines, which filters out 99.9 percent of fabric microfibers leaking into water resources. – SCMP

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