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If China’s lockdown persists for another 15 days, CE industry it will become a problem

In consumer durables, Atul Lall, MD at Dixon Technologies expects the situation could become a problem if lockdowns continue for the next 10-15 days. “Currently, we do have inventory, but if the lockdowns persist for another 10-15 days it could then become a problem. So I am keeping my fingers crossed,” said Lall.

However, Consumer Electronics and Appliance Manufacturers Association (CEAMA) believes that there is no impact felt yet and companies that manufacture cooling products like air conditioners and refrigerators have been building up on their inventory ahead of the summer season.

“It is too early to judge right now as shipments are still happening. We will have to gauge the situation two to three weeks from now to see if there is any real impact,” said Eric Braganza, president of CEAMA. Business Standard

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