IEW 2019 Closes On A High Note As Electronics Industry Bets High On IoT

The much anticipated third and final day of India Electronics Week 2019 commenced with highly insightful seminars and workshops. In the last three days, participants of the expo came across some ground-breaking innovations, valuable insights from industry experts, hands-on technical know-how from workshops and the opportunity to connect with all kinds of industry players under one roof.

The IoT was a key area of discussion throughout the event as exhibitors showcased how prolific and pervasive the technology has become today. The event also saw the coming together of manufacturing machinery creators who are bringing forth compact desktop machineries and rapid prototyping capabilities that will require substantially less upfront investment from businesses.

This year IEW witnessed how the electronics industry is all set to gain the most from the IoT. Associations and enablers of the ESDM and IoT community came together to recognise and address the real-life challenges that need to be solved on priority in the ecosystem. Players from various solution and services background shared their thoughts on how each kind of business in playing a part in the IoT environment today.

Khushal Panchal, Vice President, PCB Power mentioned, “IoT will impact the electronics industry in India. The interface is going to be done and controlled by electronics. It will change the way we do our manufacturing and have a significant impact on our industry. It can be a boom if everything goes as per plan. The numbers and projections are set for every organization including government bodies in India. It can become another big wave just like automotive electronics or mobile manufacturing for the Indian electronics industry. It has a lot of potential. We should not miss the window and be prepared for manufacturing. Fortunately, lots of development and design are happening in India for customers. India is the hub for software development and software is a part of embedded technology. A lot of IP is being generated in India. It is only a matter of time when we turn that IP into business.”

While commenting on opportunities in the Indian market for electronics related to IoT, Daniel Marriot, President, SpectraSymbol said, “IoT is driving miniaturization. It gives wing to the umbrella of electronics. It spins out unique ideas. Thus, accelerates the pace of the overall electronics industry. Growth potential is good worldwide. In India, it is even stronger. Bengaluru is known for its programming capabilities. Right now, in terms of manufacturing of IoT products, the leaders are China, Japan and US. But India has the potential to really grow in this space. We will start seeing more actual manufacturing of products here in the future. That will allow local companies to become more agile to respond to the market demands.”

The event also highlighted that the enterprise technology market tends to change very quickly these days. The Internet of Things market seems to be changing even faster but possibly the fastest changing market is the electronics industry. IEW showcased what a huge opportunity IoT is gradually creating for the Indian electronics industry.Business Wire

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