Huawei Vision smart TV premium edition with 128GB storage launched

Huawei launched its first smart TV last year with n impressive design and several outstanding features. The Huawei Vision Smart TV Premium Edition has now been unveiled with some upgraded features. One of the upgrades is a bigger 128GB storage pairing up with 4GB of RAM. The standard edition only has 64GB of storage space.

The Huawei Vision Smart TV Premium Edition comes with a 65-inch display but the upgrade is in the addition of some new smart interaction features. One of the top features of the Huawei Vision is the AI smart eye auto-pop-up camera which the smart TV has. The camera can be used for multi-party video calls. Not only is the resolution much higher than that of mobile phones, but also the big screen makes the experience way better. The pop-up camera is a high-quality one.

In addition, the Huawei Vision Smart Screen Premium Edition features a built-in AI fitness 2.0 function. When users use fitness functions, AI Smart Eye will recognize human bones and joints in real-time and provide actionable guidance. If a certain action is really difficult to do, you can also pause learning by waving your arms or skip the lesson by waving your right hand. This experience will be similar to having a fitness instructor around.

The smart TV also comes with the capability to monitor the child’s viewing distance and postures of children at any time through the AI ​​smart eye camera. The TV then sends a prompt reminder if an incorrect posture or exposure to bright light is detected in order to help children protect their vision. At the same time, parents can also turn on the adult monitoring function.

When it comes to the smart interaction of Huawei products, the Huawei Share function must be mentioned. On the smart screen, Huawei Share can be used to share contents with a smartphone. Contents on the mobile phone can also be displayed on the large smart TV screen. The phone can also be used as a remote control to control the TV. These are also features found on the non-premium edition.

Huawei Vision Smart TV equally comes with a live broadcast function which enables voice control of the smart TV. Whether it is on-demand content in the smart TV or live content in the set-top box at home, with a voice command of “Xiaoyi Xiaoyi” + “Want to watch”, the user can directly change channels by voice.

The Huawei Vision Smart TV Premium Edition is presently listed on Huawei’s official flagship store on Jingdong (JD.com) but the price is yet to be revealed.―Gizmochina

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