Huawei To Tap Into Smart Display Market

Huawei has deepened its deployments in related multimedia chips and will target TV terminal products as the second main application market after smartphones for the buildup of its smart consumer ecosystem, according to sources from Taiwan’s semiconductor supply chain.

But Huawei has stopped short of declaring its entry into the TV market and instead said it will roll out smart end-market display products that will form a smart ecosystem along with its 5G, AI and IoT technologies.

Huawei has been adopting a self-sufficiency strategy to support the development of its smart display products, with its IC-design subsidiary HiSilicon Technologies developing related TV and multimedia chips, without considering purchasing them from Taiwan’s IC designers, such as MediaTek (MStar Semiconductor), Realtek Semiconductor, Novatek Microelectronics and Himax Technologies, which all are able to offer mature TV solutions and together account for over 80% of the global TV chip market currently.

Meanwhile, HiSilicon has sidestepped the development of tuner products, which are believed to be the most difficult part in the production of TV chip solutions due to different frequency and channels for signal transmission in the US and Europe.

Instead, HiSilicon is focusing on the development of multimedia chips, indicated the sources, noting that Huawei aims to utilize multimedia chips to build display products that differentiate from prevailing TV products.

Huawei is mulling rolling out smart display devices with built-in 5G and AI technologies that will let consumers stream music and video at home – an effective way to promote its 5G technology and service said the sources.

HiSilicon will have Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) make the multimedia chips, the sources indicated.―Digitimes

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