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Huawei to enter GPU market in 2020, could eye Nvidia personnel

Chinese tech giant Huawei is still looking for ways to expand despite the US setback. The brand’s international shipments have taken a hit since they were unable to use Google apps or services in their newer devices. Since then, it has been focussed on being self-sufficient. We recently got to know that Huawei might look to Samsung or MediaTek to assist with mass 5G chipset production. However, new reports suggest the company may soon enter the GPU market as well. Also Read – Huawei launches 65-inch 4K OLED TV with 120Hz refresh rate: Price, full specifications

As per reports straight out of South Korea, Huawei is currently setting up a new department to enter the GPU market. The market is currently dominated by US-based Nvidia. The report adds that with AI and cloud computing being worked on, GPUs are the company’s next target. Further, it even suggests the brand may be looking forward to recruiting Nvidia employees and supervisors. Also Read – Huawei could partner with Samsung, MediaTek to mass produce 5G chipsets

Huawei already has GPU experience
Before the recent development, Huawei has silently been working in the GPU segment already. The company launched the Ascend 910 chip last year. Not entirely the best, the chip is a considerable opponent to Nvidia, even surpassing it in some areas. Also Read – Huawei P40 Pro Plus comes with Samsung OLED panel; P40 Pro uses multiple suppliers

The Ascend 910 chip has a computing power of 256 TFLOPS, which is twice as much as the Nvidia Tesla V100. It also delivers its computing at a maximum of just 310W power consumption. As per GizChina, the boost is a result of Huawei’s own Da Vinci architecture. Moreover, the chip also supports 128-channel FHD video decoding.

Meanwhile, Huawei’s AI chips have already surpassed GPUs when it comes to performance and energy efficiency. Besides, GPUs have a strong importance in high-performance computing. Hence, Huawei cannot ignore this aspect of its chipsets. It has also been reported that Huawei’s 2012 laboratory has been working on making its own GPU for many years. This didn’t however popularise because this GPU was not meant for desktop graphics but was implemented in Huawei’s servers, cloud computing, and other departments. BGR

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