Huawei Smart TV To Come In April? The Company Denies!

In the Chinese smart TV market, there have been some changes in recent years. The traditional smart TV makers don’t have a monopoly anymore. New brands have emerged, and as you guess, Xiaomi is among them. Not to allow Xiaomi to become so popular, other tech companies in China have decided to come in with their own models. There have been rumors OPPO, VIVO, OnePlus, and Huawei will release their own models soon. We haven’t heard anything about the former three brands. As for Huawei, seems we will see the first Huawei smart TV in the nearest future. The domestic media reported the first TVs from this manufacturer will hit the market in April. But the Chinese tech giant has managed to officially deny this news.

However, there’s no smoke without fire. It was said the first Huawei smart TVs will be supplied by BOE. According to sources, Huawei did not set up a smart TV department independently but was responsible for the IoT department. These assumptions came from the news that Huawei had got 55-inch BOE LCD panels. Unfortunately, in its turn, BOE declined to comment.

In November last year, Honor’s Zhao Ming said in an interview at the 2018 World Internet Conference that the Honor TV is preparing for the market layout. The goal is to enter the top three in the country in three years. ‘We do have a plan on the TV market. We are currently preparing it. We hope to bring some changes to the TV industry, otherwise, we will not do it.’

Previously, Huawei has launched the ‘Full Scene Smart Life Ecology Strategy’, and we learned that the Huawei smart TV is a key part of the smart life.―Gizmochina

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