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How consumer patterns are changing and driving the smart appliances segment

As residents of a hyper-connected world, we are rapidly pacing toward an on-demand economy, where a few swipes and taps on the mobile screen can fetch anyone their desired products. Long gone are the days of waiting for products to be available at a nearby store, and having to walk down the lane to buy it. There is an evident shift in consumer behavior, which, in turn, is driving the on-demand economy. Consumers want a quality product or service, that too conveniently and quickly; and they hold companies to high standards for delivering this outcome. Consumer preferences are also quickly moving from desktop to mobile and from impatience to hyper-impatience. And with the advent of technology and connectivity that was previously unavailable, companies are reinventing their approaches to keep up with these increasing demands by evaluating various e-commerce options available.

A quick look around will show just how many modern inventions and technological advancements have added to the ease and convenience of our daily lifestyles. Be it ordering groceries and vegetables online and getting them delivered at our doorsteps, or even shifting businesses to digital platforms, all of this has been simplified and personalized through a few taps on your mobile phone.

The on-demand economy is not just a social norm but has become the standard of living. And businesses across industries need to cater to these right now consumers, or risk missing out on these critical engagement opportunities. And the water heater industry, which is generally considered as a relatively low-involvement category, is also riding the wave of the on-demand economy. Water heater products that needed a waiting time for hot water are now a passé. With newer, state-of-the-art water heaters entering the market, consumers can enjoy their hot shower without having to wait for long. And they also have the option of matching them as per their bathroom décor since they come in compact sizes along with high aesthetics and high performance.

The water heater category has understood the need of today’s consumers, and offers innovative, technologically advanced products with upbeat features. One of the most trending and sought-after features amongst the urban consumers is the no-wait water heater. Their electric and instantaneous features make it the fastest way to get unlimited hot water on demand. Other smart features offer options such as maintaining a consistent thermic comfort and limitless bathing applications, endless rain-showers, relaxing in bathtubs or Jacuzzi to make it suitable for today’s hyper-connected consumers, who are looking for personalized experiences.

Additionally, easy availability and access to hi-end trendy fittings have changed the bathroom experience with design and style meeting functionality and practicality. This extends the scope far beyond just selecting the tiles and choice of basin and shower to include the water heater category. Innovations in water heater category have further enhanced the entire experience for the new-age consumer with different technologically upbeat features such as Wi-Fi that lets one operate it from anywhere and anytime, Smart Bath Logic, which helps customize your bath, auto-diagnosis for safety, eco function for energy savings, and adapting to bathing behavior, etc.

Future brings lot of untapped opportunities for the industry by shifting the focus as per the consumer need. With the increase in digital penetration and boost in e-commerce purchases during these unprecedented times, it becomes equally important to be prepared for the emerging trends in the market and ensure the availability of products on all possible e-commerce platforms along with other available avenues.

With the developing technology, consumption habits, and increasing affordability of data plans, smart home appliances are changing the way we approach our everyday lives. Moreover, the pandemic has shifted the focus on digital presence and e-commerce, be it among businesses or consumers. And the post-lockdown world is slated to evolve digitally in a grand manner with boost in e-commerce sales. And with the ever-evolving world, the trends too will constantly evolve for making daily life chores even more thrilling, simpler, and personalized.

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