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Household appliances: COVID-19

Sales of household and kitchen appliances rose between March and April as a result of many consumers spending more time in their homes. Kitchen appliances that saw a surge in demand included electric pasta makers, bread machines and soda machines. There was also increased demand for cleaning devices, water filters and air purifiers as a result of a new focus on home hygiene.

Experts predict that sales of household appliances which offer new hygienic features will continue to rise. This can include appliances such as washing machines equipped with sanitizing cycles or extractor fans that include LED lights to kill germs. Freezers saw a huge increase in demand in the early days of the pandemic as consumers stocked up on frozen foods. Some analysts predict that there will be a second surge in demand for freezers driven by the rise in the numbers growing produce at home. Although sales of household appliances have increased, it is expected that they will begin to slow down in the months ahead due to a decline in demand for new family homes.

We have included a selection of our most popular market research on household appliances below. Research And Markets

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