Honeywell ZETA™ – the most powerful Honeywell personal, tabletop air cooler

JMATEK, the exclusive licensee and manufacturer of Honeywell evaporative coolers, is pleased to announce the launch of ZETA™, a personal air cooler that is best-in-class across three dimensions:

  • Stronger airflow: cools you down faster than conventional tabletop air coolers.
  • Further air distance: feel the breeze up to 15-feet away.
  • Bigger tank: get up to 10 hours of cool air on a full water tank.

Over two years in the making, ZETA™ is the brainchild of JMATEK’s Innovation and Technology Lab. Upon discovering disappointing results testing personal coolers on the market, the lab embarked on a mission to create a better one. During development, JMATEK’s scientists tested and iterated every detail of their design to maximize airflow and cooling power.

“After more than two years of research, user profiling and multiple stages of design and testing, we finally engineered the ideal combo of technology, size and form that we are proud to launch” said Nathan Golding, Product Marketing Manager.

“It took many iterations to engineer the exact specifications and features needed to create the power and cooling efficiency we wanted within a compact frame that would be smaller than any Honeywell Portable Air Cooler in our range. Our triple-speed high-efficiency blower, specially angled air vents and aerodynamically designed honeycomb cooling filters are just a few of the elements that helped to maximize airflow for the ultimate personal cooling experience we set out to create.” said Pu Yi, Product Engineer.

Compact in size, it’s easy to save on electricity bills by moving ZETA™ around with you from the home office to kitchen to the back patio. Rest easy at night with ZETA’s™ Sleep Mode setting designed to optimize slumber. ZETA™ consumes very little energy and can run for up to 10 hours without a refill.

More than just a cooler, the ZETA™ is a 3-in-1 device: evaporative cooler, fan and humidifier for year-round comfort.  Evaporative cooling harnesses the power of water evaporation to cool air temperature. The result is a sensation akin to a refreshing lakeside breeze that works best in hot, dry climates.

Be first to experience the cooling powers of ZETA™
Available for pre-orders now at MyHomeClimate.com/Zeta! Select from a ZETA™ Single or Dual Pack at Early Bird Prices while stocks last. ZETA™ will retail for $149.99 after the pre-launch stock runs out.-PR News Wire

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