Hisense Talk Up VIDAA U3.0 AI Smart TV OS Ahead Of CES 2019

Hisense have talked up the next version of their smart TV operating system, VIDAA U3.0 AI, ahead of CES 2019.

“Australia is a nation of early-adopters – we are tech savvy and are always looking for ways to improve connectivity in the home, especially in the living room,” said Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia.

“With this in mind, innovation, performance and user experience continue to be key priorities for us as we move into 2019. Our new smart TV operating system, VIDAA U3.0 AI, and the continued development of the Remote NOW smart phone App are a testament to this and will feature the latest advancements in AI technology, including integration with multiple leading smart assistant platforms,” he says.

Like the moniker suggests, the new version of VIDAA is all about smart assistant integration. It will feature full integration of Amazon Alexa out of the box and come with the capability to connect to the Google Assistant via a Google Home.

VIDAA U3.0 AI will also incorporate a new ‘Smartsense’ hub, which displays real-time weather info in addition to a ‘Discover’ feature, which will recommend trending apps to users. The company says that the new version of their VIDAA operating system will come to all their 2019 models but have said nothing to indicate whether older models will get any of these new features via a software update or be left to gather digital dust.

Hisense’s Remote Now app is also set to receive a software upgrade of its own, giving it the capability to integrate with Alexa.

Hisense also flagged their intentions to bring an Android TV-based model to the Australian market in 2019 – but failed to offer up any details for what this will entail.

“Android fans will also be excited to hear we will be introducing an Android TV to the Australian market providing Australian consumers more choice while Hisense expands it Smart Assistant platform offering,” Iannuzzi says.

It’s unknown whether this new Android TV model will be a separate offering or a mere variant of one of their other models. At CES 2018, the company’s foreign product lineup featured several high-end Android TV-based products. However, none of that hardware ended up coming to Australia.― PC World

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