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Here’s a tiny washing machine that cleans your TWS earbuds in two minutes

You now have a miniaturized washing machine to clean your earbuds on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. The Cardlax EarBuds Washer is a small gadget that sits on your table and is meant to tidy up your earbuds. Sounds weird right, but it’s actually something that many might need as most of us often face a situation where we can’t figure out what to do or simply feel disgusted with the earwax-laden earbuds.

The makers of this weird yet unique gadget had previously listed two versions of a unique gadget on Kickstarter — a muscle stimulation device that can fit in your wallet. While the two devices have nothing in common, the makers seem to be taking up tiny tasks that a user might want to automate. Be it relaxing a muscle or cleaning filth from your earbuds.

So if you often find yourself in a situation where you are ashamed to pop out your earbuds, this might be the fix.

How does the EarBuds Washer work?
The device is shaped like a cubical TWS case that houses a brush, a sprayer and a sponge. A USB-C is used to connect it to power. There’s a lid that opens to reveal the internals where on the bottom right corner is a tiny spinning brush to remove the larger chunk of wax/dirt from inside the buds and other harder to reach slits. Once this is done, the second step is to drop the earbuds in the spinning drum and spray the disinfectant with 70% alcohol over it.

The cleaning drum is made of a soft, lightweight sponge that spins to rub the earbuds against it until the finer dirt is removed. The video shared by the makers claims to clean your dirty earbuds just as new. The whole process takes only two minutes. You can also remove the internals like sponge and brush to rinse and clean it using water.

The creators of this weird gadget also promise that the tiny washer is made to work with “99%” of earbuds out there. Also, the process is said to be gentle so that no damage is done to the earbuds and the device itself is said to last for six years.

If you’ve been hit by a sudden realisation for putting clean earbuds in your ears, then you can claim the Cardlax EarBuds Washer for $33 on Kickstarter. But do note that despite an estimated delivery around June, it might not be guaranteed that it reaches you in time. It’s common for crowdfunded products to get delayed as they rely on funds to pour in before kicking off the production. Business Insider

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