Mitsubishi Electric India To Expand e-Factory Solution

Until a few years ago, automation technology in India was ‘good-to-have’ but today, it has become a ‘must-have’ and promises great growth potential. Due to the rapid growth of India’s manufacturing sector and the ever-increasing competition, companies have begun to adopt advanced automation solutions to produce better quality products in larger numbers. At the same time, being a large and rapidly growing economy with a favorably evolving demographic profile, the Indian subcontinent has become an important market for international players.

Being pioneers in the field of automation, leading Japanese companies, such as Mitsubishi Electric, have begun to focus on understanding the preferences, needs and requirements of the Indian markets and have been adapting their technologies and products accordingly.

To deploy better and faster services, the company is also making great strides of progress in the HVAC industry, which is changing rapidly to keep up with extreme climatic conditions, growing construction activities in the commercial and residential sectors and various government initiatives aimed at improving energy efficiency. Mitsubishi Electric is consistently working on rapid expansion of its e-Factory solutions, enabling the manufacturing units to make better quality goods.  ―Forbes

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