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Haier’s marketing strategy: Think like a customer

A well-known adage in the marketing world says that the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. Staying true to Haier’s philosophy of Inspired Living, our focus is on introducing solutions that suit the evolving needs of our customers. To complement that philosophy, we follow a strong marketing strategy involving a 360-degree approach in order to communicate the message to our key stakeholders, including consumers, dealer partners, retailers, and the like. With an aim to meet the needs of our target audience, we have been launching several marketing campaigns year-on-year. We look to ensure that all our marketing initiatives and brand-activation campaigns extensively focus on engaging customers across platforms like TV, print, digital, and OTT platforms.

Our marketing mix is a result of deep research and understanding of the mediums preferred by the customers and accordingly, we look to create touchpoints across all key mediums. We ensure that all our marketing initiatives and brand-activation campaigns extensively focus on building brand visibility and connect with customers. Additionally, we follow a pan-India outreach, focus on leveraging traditional platforms, and tap regional languages across cities.

This year, our larger focus continues to be on television as a medium because of the mass reach it delivers along with creating a wider brand visibility. We are extensively investing in TV through our TVCs and associations with high-visibility reality shows.

Cricket continues to be the most-widely watched sports on television in India and has proved to be an impactful medium, especially when 85 percent of households in our country have a single TV set. This year, we tapped the platform during the IPL and World Cup season to build a stronger brand connect and create mass appeal for the newly launched Haier PuriCool air conditioners.

Packing the power of an air purifier and an air conditioner in an innovative form, the TVC for PuriCool ACs was aired on television at a time when the whole country was gripped by the cricket fever.

The PuriCool TVC that directly connected with our target audience focuses on how indoor air pollution is easily ignored as a menace when in reality it is as harmful as outdoor air pollution and, to counter this growing concern, Haier’s new PuriCool AC addresses this issue. Additionally, the TVC premiered across leading TV channels including prominent entertainment, movies, news, and sports channels. To connect directly with our wide pool of customers, the TVC was also aired in languages like Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Haier has been committed with its endeavors of creating integrated customer-centric campaigns around its products, such as #Ultekoseedha and ‘India, Ab Seedhe ki aadat daal lo’ that feature Haier’s industry-first innovation, the bottom-mounted refrigerators. One of the most prominent inventions in home appliances, Haier introduced the innovative product, which has its refrigerator section on the top and the less-used freezer section at the bottom. With this design, Haier has helped in reducing bending by 90 percent and increased visibility of the refrigerator section with food items stored at eye level. Even our newly launched PuriCool air conditioner has been trending on social media channels with its hashtag #CleanHaiTohCoolHai.

The growing trend of digitization has made it imperative for us to strengthen the brand’s visibility on the digital medium. To strengthen our outreach to the Gen-Z audience and millennials, we are continuously trying to find innovative communication touch points in our campaigns that appeal to them.

As a brand, Haier believes in offering a wholesome approach not just in terms of the products we offer, but also in terms of brand visibility. With a marketing budget of over 100 crore for 2019, we will be investing in both traditional and new-age platforms to maximise our outreach to the relevant audience. Our intent is to significantly increase our overall marketing spends and introduce campaigns, which are not only creative but are successful in building a top-of-the-mind recall for our products and Haier as a brand.

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